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Blooms on your Wedding Day: Top 5 Wedding Flowers

Author: Timothy Spencer


Flowers are standard fare for weddings and this article rounds up the most popular flowers that are used in weddings. This is meant to help brides and their decorators decide on which of the many flowers available would be
apt for your wedding.

During the Roman era brides would carry bouquets of flowers, herbs and some spices in with their outfits to ward off evil spirits and bring luck to the union. The softness and fragility of a flower has always been compared with the beauty of a woman thus possibility popularizing its propriety in the wedding rites.

Other ancient peoples such as the Greeks favored the use of Ivy in the belief that it was a sign of everlasting and unbreakable love and in the middle ages, the Arabs known as called Saracens used Orange Blossoms as it meant happiness and fulfillment for them. In the 1840’s the stylish Royal Queen Victoria chose the use of Marigolds for her rites for it symbolized creativity and passion. It was also referred to as “Herb of the Sun”.

Flowers have now gone beyond the traditional value as harbingers of emotions and appreciation because of their aesthetic value, now even their fragrance has come into play. This has replaced the used of ancient herbs but now flowers are arranged with many kinds of fillers or sometimes even matched with other flowers, ribbons, lace and many other items. Flowers also are mostly seasonal so availability also will affect the cost of purchase and wisdom of the ages will suggest consulting your local florist for more information.

In considering the top 5 wedding flowers for this writing, I gathered and balance the information about the most written about and the most offered packages by flower producers and suppliers on the internet.


Absolutely the traditional favorite for the classic white wedding and its wide range of color varieties offer designers and decorators with much flexibility. It is available all year round and is the push product for most in the industry. Its can be used in alone in bouquets or even mixed with fillers and others complimentary flowers in table settings, bridesmaids bouquets, wrist corsages, flower girl pomanders, boutonnières and wreath type arrangements for venues. Even the use of just its petals is still seen as the standard for most nuptials.

Using the red ones is a sign of “passionate love”, combined with white means “unity” and when white is used alone means “purity”.


Known worldwide for its wide genus range, which not only vary greatly in color, shape, form and scent orchids also vary greatly in price. It can be exotically combined in arrangements for the traditional mode to cutting edge and works well as a bouquet. It actually symbolizes wealth and social status and may look very delicate, but the truth of the matter is that most varieties available around the world are very sturdy, can survive without water as a cut flower and can take rough handling. The most popular variety in weddings seems to be the Cymbidium and the Dendrobiumand which makes a fantastic showpiece at the dinner tables.

Calla Lilies:

It has come to age, its fiery hues and jewel tones and its good range in size and colors make it a fashionable pick. It’s actually not a lily but its miniature calla type has become a rave at weddings. The Calla means “Regal” and its image is also often elegantly used in wedding cards, cakes, invitations. It looks like an angels little trumpet and can used alone or mixed with fillers such as the baby’s breath. It was first available mostly in white by its hybrids now offer a very wide range of colors to choose from.


Using this symbolizes “perseverance” or “preservation” and is most designed for use in large and lush forms. It is also available all throughout the year but is sometimes quite sensitive for handling due to its delicate nature. But it still holds out as great choice second to roses specially if your wedding is held near or around the valentine month. Its large size gives off great visual volume and its range of colors is a favorite to mix with other types of wedding flowers.


Historians say that lilies were are part of Greek myth as far back as 1580 B.C. It meaning is rooted from the word “leiron” and was believed to have sprouted from the milk of Hera herself. The ancient Chinese also revered this flower and came to mean “forever in love” to them. For the Christians, white is the most used color at weddings and lilies which suggests “purity” and is associated with virgins which relates to the “Madonna Lily”

There were a lot of runner-ups to consider, but the five mentioned above seems to be the most documented and most popular to use particularly for weddings. Take to mind not only color, hue and shape when choosing your wedding flowersHealth Fitness Articles, fragrance and symbolism can serve up an unforgettable ambiance and mood to the best day of your life.


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